Saturday, June 23, 2012

The B-Side Artists at City Arts Factory in Downtown Orlando, Florida - Review by Josh Garrick

 As a writer, I love the irony of the title the B-Side Artists gave to the exhibit that virtually took over the City Arts Factory on Friday evening with crowds so thick this ‘secret judge’ had to walk sideways just to get down the hall.  The whole exhibit was called “The B-Side Artists Sell Out” and while ALL ARTISTS LOVE crowds, these ‘street artists’ did the opposite of SELLING OUT by moving INSIDE the City Arts Factory and thereby clearing the streets where they used to be found on countless 3rd Thursdays over the past several years.

photo by Leo Jamel Danielson
Petrson J Guerrier, TrezMark Harris, Peter Van Flores III, Steve Parker, Asaan 'Swamburger' Brooks,
 Morgan Wilson, Justin 'Skip' Skipper, and German Lemus

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