Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Three’s Company: The Art of Three Local and Independent Artists Exhibition Featuring Rachael Wronowksi, Sean Conklin and Carissa Paige

 Dandelion Communitea is an urban tea room and social gathering hub for central Florida artists located in downtown Orlando’s Thornton Park District.  Dandelion is preserved historic home with three lush vintage styled seating rooms.  The exotic and almost hidden tea room is filled entirely with the artwork of three local Orlando artists: Racheal Wronowski, Sean Conklin and Carissa Paige. 
Dandelion Communitea, Orlando Florida
Bethany Taylor Meyers, another highly talented local Orlando artist, curated the colorful exhibit.  Starting on the first Wednesday of each month Dandelion features the art work of three local artists.  Not only can you enjoy new art creations by local talent, but all the pieces are for sale too.  You can kill two birds with one stone by supporting local artists and growing your personal art collection at the same time!  The artwork of Rachael Wronowski, Sean Conklin and Carissa Paige will be featured until August 8, 2012. 

As I stepped inside Dandelion on a rainy Monday afternoon, I immediately knew I walked into a sensory treat of modern art.  As I entered the foyer I stopped for an organic butterscotch rooibos tea to sip while I viewed the work of three uber creative, exceptionally talented and accomplished local artists.  As I turned and left the opening foyer, I was captivated by the exhibition of lighting, colors and textures inside Dandelion.  I was overcome with a rush of delight as I entered into a circus of design and color.  

In the front tea room the ceiling was lined with exotic silk tapestry, reminiscent of the tapestry found in European street fairs.  The tapestry gallantly hung above the tables and chairs painted with immaculately inviting detail.  The sienna painted walls are lined with the beautiful artwork of Rachael Wronowski.  According to her website, Rachael is both an artist and a licensed interior designer.  Her extensive design experience exudes in her innately crafted collage works.  Hung around the bay window lined with lace curtains and Moroccan lamps, Rachael’s collages featured a harmonious fusion of mixed media including recycled metal, lacquer, wood and tile.  Rachael’s creativity explodes in her delightfully busy artwork with unexpected combinations of design and texture.  

Art (c)Sean Conklin
 After I passed through the front room, I entered a small hallway that leads to two colorful back rooms.  The split pea green painted room to the left contains a comfy, over sized, bright yellow couch, an antique piano and the artwork of Sean Conklin.  The light hearted, pop art style work of Sean Conklin prominently grabs the eye.  Sean’s artwork is delightful and fun.  It fills the room with eye popping bright colors including pink, yellow, red and green.  In the middle of the center wall, Sean’s piece entitled, Self Portrait, hangs with a bright red background featuring his ruggedly handsome portrait with both eyes closed and a third eye open.  Sean’s painting is intriguing because it leaves so much room for interpretation about the deeper meaning hidden in his work.

Passing over into the powder blue room to the back right of Dandelion, last but not at least; I saw Carissa Paige’s artwork.  Her work is magical and whimsical.  Her paintings feature dainty, feminine silhouettes painted in contrasting black, pink, blue and yellow pastels.  As it continues to pour down rain outside the white lacey curtains draped over the large bay window, I notice a piece titled Camera Girl.  Camera Girl is intricately beautiful.  It features a reflecting girl with a camera.  The symbolism in the painting unexpectedly evoked a Picasso theme which turned to be the highlight of my visit.  This piece is a must see! 
After finishing my tea and viewing the works of three local talents, I left feeling incredibly relaxed and enlightened by the experience.  I am definitely looking forward to getting to know the works of three more artists next month at Dandelion Communitea. 

by Chloe J. Roberts,  July 18, 2012

Chloe J. Roberts was born in Miami, Florida.  She is a lawyer, playwright (Sad Stories from The Slums of Asylumville, 2011), screenwriter (Willow’s Year, 2011) and art enthusiast living in Orlando, Florida.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Francophile: All Things French

First Thursdays at the Orlando Museum of Art is Orlando's original art party. From 6 - 9 pm on the first Thursday of each month, OMA showcases a new theme with works by local artists, live music, cash bars serving wine, beer and soft drinks, and café offerings from area restaurants. June's theme was organized by Anna McCambridge-Thomas who set the stage for all things french. Artists captured what they love about the French or France itself from food, film, wine, literature, perfume, music, art and architecture, fashion, the people to the personality of the country.

When I arrived, Anna welcomed me warmly and showed me around as people were setting up. In the back gallery, Maitre Parfumeur Christian Louis was setting up. He had been flown in from France and didn't know any English. A beautiful French woman acted as interpreter. In the theater, Emotions Dance was going to perform Four Seasons, Poet Logan Anderson was going to read and models from Le Salon Zizou strutted lavish fashion.

I settled into the front gallery where artists displayed paintings with a French Theme. Artist Bernard Martin set up a small easel. He had a pink dress with him as well and I heard he might have a gorgeous model.  The model never showed, so he had to work from a photo. He was working on a loose spontaneous watercolor. I stood behind him for sometime admiring his lush and highly used pallet. Behind him were his loose impressionistic oil paintings. One was titled Moulin Rouge, another, Cabaret and The Vase. They all featured nude or semi nude women in bold impasto against a dark background.

The sculptor was Steve Piscitelli. The two sculptures he was working on were close to being finished. This made sense since so many people stopped to talk to him which meant he didn't hare time to concentrate. He added red slippers to the ballet dancer and the red clay acted as blood and intestines for the sculpture of a Bull, much to the delight of a young boy. In the middle of the room there was a crown mounted under Plexiglas made of pearls, a large coin and gems. It was titled, The Princess Kameryn Renee Parker.  Later I saw a young girl walking around wearing the crown. She must have been the artist's niece or daughter.

- Analog Artist Digital World