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Mish Mash Bash a Smash

Mish Mash Bash a Smash

by Bethany Myers

"The Mish Mash"

Thursday May 17 through June 18-ish.
City Arts Factory
29 S. Orange Avenue.
Orlando, FL

The Mish Mash artists: Holly Tharp, Chad Pollpeter, Shawn Rinehart, Plinio Marcos Pinto, Rachel Wrenoski, Johanna O'Donnell, Cameron Moore and Chad Kendall.

Energy was in the air at the The Mish Mash group show at City Arts Factory Thursday night. Eight very different artists came together and formed a cohesive combination of visual treats.

The gallery is a long, narrow hallway which isn't very conducive to contemplating the art at a distance. But, that's just me, I guess. And regardless, the place was jam packed with happy artists and patrons. The energy was infectious.

Holly Tharp's landscapes caught my eye immediately. Almost abstract, the paintings draw you in with the vast skies and land. They are ethereal and peaceful. Stunning! As curator, Holly "put together this show with friends (artists) who inspire me...I love all of their work and we all produce such different subject matter." Thus, "Mish Mash".

Untitled by Chad Pollpeter
Chad Pollpeter has a distinct style which I can best describe as muted, lonely alien, planetscapes. Not of this Earth, for sure. He paints with out of this world imagination and smooth technique. Very thought provoking. Chad's solitary figures in desolation can bring you deep into an Arthur C. Clarke novel.

Chad Kendall's works were abstract and mostly monochromatic. To me, there were images within images. For example, I think I saw an eyeball blurred out behind a see-through profiled head with sunglasses, a dotted hair line and a beatnik beanie. I could be spot on, but I doubt it.

Watercolors by Plinio Marcos Pinto
Plinio Pinto is a super talented water colorist. From far away, without my glasses, I thought his paintings were abstract. Especially the center one titled "Slant". I had to push my way through the crowd to see his three paintings up close. I was surprised to see they were landscapes! With or without glasses, I liked them instantly.  They were so sensitive and soothing.

Rachel Wrenoski constructs small, intricate shadow box montage/mixed media. Each one is very different from the other. Some are whimsical but in no way gift store finds. Her work is art! Each one is carefully and professionally put together.  Some of the creative titles are Subconscious Journey, Namaste, (which I wanted to buy but someone beat me to it) and Mod Hitachinos. Rachel surprised me with some great collages made on old reclaimed windows!

"Clear Blue Reason" by Johanna O'Donnell

Johanna O'Donnell is a dynamic painter who does predominantly tight, vibrant, detailed portraits of hybrid people/animals. Men with wolf heads with their arms around untypical beautiful women. Color, color, color! Her paintings are pure fantasy and belong on the cover of Juxtapoz , Pop Surrealism or Hi-Fructose. Just dynamite work!

"Cecil C." by Shawn Rinehart (sorry for the glare)

You may think the objects in Shawn Rinehart's 3D Rendered Still Life's were arranged and photographed. Not so. Each item was computer fabricated and easily tricks the eye. One piece in particular called "Cecil C." (pictured) tells a story of childhood memories of his  Grandfather's treasures. You can't get your head out of his graphic renderings.

Cameron Moore's nude studies showed lots of movement and flow. He is among a group of artists who teach life drawing classes. Hanging all his pieces in a row created a kind of stop animation ballet. Bright colors and crazy poses make them much more than studies. Exciting!

About 75 people were at the show - a terrific turnout for a diverse and talented collective.  If only they could do something about that hallway…

Bethany Myers has been an artist all her life. Her first art show was in her living room at age 5 and was attended by a bunch of her Moms hippie friends.  She has worked as an art teacher, photo journalist and graphic designer.  Bethany is a painter in the dynamic art community of Orlando.

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