Friday, May 18, 2012

WoodGrain Gallery Grand Opening

Featuring "My Family Album" by Stephanie Wood

Also sharing works from Hellbrand Leather, J Bon Clothing, 3R Customs, Drew Mcguckin & Chris Glen



Walking into the Exchange building after not doing so for years was a little surreal.  It is obviously still trying to shake off the same dust I am. The few spaces utilized were all galleries and only one drew your attention on this night.  How could it not?  Chill hip-hop music was spun from steel wheels inside the WoodGrain Gallery and wound its way out into the central hall where it gently grabbed you by the ear and pulled you closer.  Chatter and laughter came from multitudes of hip, stylish, tattooed, pierced, friendly, fashionably yet comfortably dressed Orlando urbanites, that poured into and spilled out of the gallery.  Obviously this was the place to be tonight.  What was more obvious upon entering was that this gallery is not your mother's gallery.

Hitchcock - By Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood wanted to showcase the likenesses and talents of the people in her life she considers her family.  To do that she brought together an eclectic mix of styles and art forms because she sees art as more than just paint on canvas.  On the walls hung digitally altered photography from Chris Glen and Steph's own pop-art.  Iconic personalities, retro movie characters, and figures from her personal life make up her subject matter for this show.  Arranged atop shelves and animal hides, occupying a prime piece of real estate in the Pine Street window, were leather accessories such as shoes, handbags and wallets by Hellbrand Leather which added a scent to the room that you could not mistake.  Hanging in racks were counter culture tee shirts exhibiting the sense of humor and screen printing skills of J Bon Clothing while custom kicks stitched by 3R Customs were kept under glass like the Hope Diamond and secured by the relaxed if not diligent presence of security personnel.  Metal sculptures of various sizes, shapes, themes and even personalities, constructed by Drew Mcguckin, were displayed on tables in multiple locations throughout and continuously grabbed your attention with their forms.

Wavelength - by Drew Mcguckin

So, was this an art gallery, a clothing store, a leather accessories workshop, a studio?  The answer to those questions is YES!  You need to go by and visit during operating hours.  Stephanie is very approachable and does her work from the studio she has there.

WoodGrain Gallery on Pine St.
101 S. Garland Ave.

Orlando, FL 32801
Open to the public : Monday - Thursday; 1pm - 7pm

Art Zombie is hard to define.  He buried his dream to be an artist many years ago and has just recently exhumed it to pursue the art world in central Florida and devour its fleshy offerings.  You can experience his broad insatiable appetite by visiting the M.W.KIMMEL blog or liking his Facebook Page.

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