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Monumental Monochromes at Lake Eustis Museum of Art - Josh Garrick

Josh Garrick- Monumental Monochromes at Lake Eustis Museum of Art

This afternoon, in the historic town center of Eustis, art and history merged in a rare and exciting confluence. Approximately 30 guests attending afternoon high tea at the Lake Eustis Museum of Art, were treated to a passionate presentation by guest artist/scholar, Josh Garrick. The presentation capped the first exhibit under the museum’s new executive director, Richard Colvin.
photograph from the No Stone Unturned series, 2012, ©J. Garrick

“Monumental Monochromes” is a photographic retrospective that encompasses 30 years of images collected as a scholar leading groups of college students through Greece.  Many of these dynamic photographs are printed on aluminum, adding a depth and brilliance to the already dramatic images. Garrick’s passion for Greece and its history is captured these works which have been taken from a perspective rarely made available to Greek nationals, and never to artists from other countries.
©J. Garrick

The extraordinary perspectives were captured from extreme vantage points gained by climbing the tricky edges and precipices of the construction and rebuilding sites of Grecian wonders. Anchoring himself against powerful winds, carrying three cameras, Garrick climbed to the top of the Parthenon and captured both the mystique of the city and its impressive hold on its past.

Garrick’s empassioned historical recap brought into perspective the reconstruction of the Parthenon following the volatile years of Persian/Spartan/Athenian power struggles which ultimately resolved into an age of brilliance for the arts and sciences. Should things have worked out differently, explained Garrick, society as we know it would not exist.

Four of the very large photographs on aluminum have been purchased by independent patrons and donated to four different museums for their permanent collections: the Museum of Florida Art, the Maitland Museum of Art and History, The Lake Eustis Museum of Art, and the Orlando Museum of Art.

©J. Garrick
“Monumental Monochromes” is worth the drive to Eustis,
but don’t wait too long. The exhibit closes May 27th.

Lake Eustis Museum of Art
200 East Orange Avenue
Eustis, FL 32726

by Fern Matthews

Fern Mathews is a mixed media artist recognized for her textural work and use of color. Matthews’ work is included in both public and private art collections throughout the country and The Caribbean, and shows in New York and New Orleans.

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  1. Yes this was a wonderful Tea filled with history and passion!


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