Friday, December 28, 2012

Symphony of Color: The Trio Exhibition at Steinway Gallery by Chloe J. Roberts

By:  Chloe J. Roberts
“Music gives color to the air of the moment.”-- Karl Lagerfeld
As I entered the Steinway Gallery to see the Trio Exhibition, I walked into a cornucopia of canvas brilliantly colored with emotional intensity.  It just turned winter, and that means one thing. . .we need more color.  The Trio Exhibition at the Steinway Gallery is Paris in spring. 
The trio of local Orlando artists, Robin Maria Pedrero, Fern Matthews and Annette Margulies, are each uniquely talented artists specializing in forms of abstract expressionistic style painting. Their brilliantly colored works float above the Steinway piano collection.  The Trio Exhibition is fun-loving and feels good. Surrounded by two of my passions, art and pianos, I was in a spectacular symphony of color. 

Fern Matthews’ canvas painting “Set Yourself Free” is a shimmering abstract that hangs over an elaborately decorated red Steinway with dancing butterflies.  Her work focuses on feeling, emotion and energy.  “Set Yourself Free” is large canvas featuring mixed bright pink, red, yellow and blue.  The feeling of the painting is complete harmony.  It is like a radiant rainbow of light, but somehow even better. 

“Mysterious Forces” by Annette Marguiles features a spontaneous combination of cobalt blue, sea green divided by black and splashed in red.  The title of this painting is fitting since it evokes cubism and contemporary modern painting.  Exhibited before, Marguiles’ painting placed first at the Guild of Creative Art Juried Exhibit. 

Finally, last, but not at least, Robin Maria Pedrero’s work shines in this exhibition. She is an experienced and celebrated artist and it shows in each and every one of her paintings. Her abstracts feature simple figures, birds and blossoms, with background ambiguity. Pedrero has absolutely, without a doubt, mastered the art of blissful color juxtaposition. 
The abstract creations in this exhibit are both worth seeing and definitely worth considering as an addition to your own collection.  Also noteworthy, this is the final art exhibition being held at the Steinway Gallery, so go see Trio for yourself while it lasts. 
Chloe J. Roberts is a lawyer, art writer and playwright. 

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