Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seek a unique belief at "I Believe"

"I Believe" City Arts Factory Exhibition
presented by Art for All Spaces

"I Believe in Paint" by Parker Sketch

What do you believe in?  What do you not? These are questions of fundamental importance, shaping our psychological orientation toward life. Our deeply held beliefs are often challenged by the complex social, economic and political worlds in which we live.  Art for All Spaces invites you to a show about believing.  Through words and images, artists share the beliefs that inform and inspire them.  As a special treat, local poets will compose short verses based upon the artists' “I Believe” titles.
When I read the press release my preconceived expectation was that I would walk into an exhibit of Buddhas, New Age, Idols, Christian iconography, and ethereal creations. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the exhibit with the title "I Believe" defied most typical spiritual stereotypes. Walking through the main entrance of City Arts Factory in downtown Orlando several artists shared their company with me discussing their art while strolling down the hall browsing colorful abstract paintings. As I walked around the corner, my eyes were drawn and I stopped conversing.  I know I flashed a giant smile at Parker Sketch's "I Believe in Paint". I repeated out loud "I believe in paint". Like something from Peter Pan, I know I felt the sparkles of magic in the presence of a painting of the word "paint.".  I walked up to the art smiling all the more to dip into Namoi Butterfield's poem "I Believe in Paint"!

Awards were given to the BEST Poem and this one is a winner!

Artist and Sculptor Linda Brandt had several pieces of intriguing
works of art which spontaneously brought those of us near by to delve into discussion.
I am fond of her piece titled "Nostrils", simple yet intricate with delicate curls. 
I found the connection to "Dragon's" "nostrils"  in Naomi's poem serendipitous.

"Nostrils" by Linda Brandt
Quite often I have viewed the work of  glass artist Saulius J. Jankauskas in the Orlando art scene admiring his painterly way of working with glass. His classic symbolism of the vine is both elegant and contemporary in his work "Retro Flora II". 

"Retro Flora II" by Saulius Jankauskas

I encourage you to catch this exhibit filled with many artists whose works I admire.

Participating artists include; Ken Austin ,Linda Brant ,Marsha DeBroske, Stephanie Stalvey, Erick D Marquez ,Kim Mathis, Janae Corrado, Doris Smart, Rik Hayes ,Patricia Byron, Parker Sketch, Judy Batterson, Georgie Pratt, Bonnie Sprung, Tre Harris, Renee Wilson, Florita Realin, Saulius Jankauskas, and Cathy Hempel,Kayla Prommersberger

Art for All Spaces Art For All Spaces provides curatorial services for commercial and residential spaces, event production, promotion, and artist representation. You may contact, Brad Biggs at 407-450-2255, or
Christina Faille via email at .


City Arts Factory 29 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone:(407) 648-7060

Robin Maria Pedrero is a curator, public speaker, and passionate painter. Pedrero served on the board for the National Women's Caucus for Art.  She is an elected signature member of the Pastel Society of America. She is awarded Best Artist in Florida 2012 by Baterby's Art Auction Gallery, listed in Florida International Magazine’s Florida Artists Hall of Fame, and the winning Artiste Wine Label artist 2012. Pedrero is an award winning artist with work in film, museum permanent collections,  private collections & galleries in America, Great Britain, Bahrain, Italy, Spain, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, and Australia.

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